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Kansas City Nuclear Weapons Plant

Ann Suellentrop, MSRN and Alicia Dressman of Kansas City PSR, joining with other prominent KC activist groups like Peace Planters, have challenged the very core of the nuclear weapons complex in the United States – the facilities that make the bombs. After educating the public and reaching out to many KC residents, they gathered more than enough signatures to add a ballot measure that would allow citizens to decide on whether to create a green jobs facility to replace the construction of a nuclear weapons facility. Kansas City Peace Planters, a coalition of local groups including PSR, has created an important site named “Foolish Investment” to educate concerned citizens on what is being done to oppose the nuclear weapons complex in their city.

Click here to listen to a Council member defend the right of citizens to vote on this important issue. Kansas City PSR, Peace Planters, and other concerned citizens challenged the issue in court but, in the face of mounting legal costs against a well-financed team of lawyers, they decided to drop the suit. Now, they are seeking to create a new ballot initiative that will work towards a Kansas City future that is nuclear-free.

This debate is already capturing the attention of local and national media. Please stay tuned for more updates and ways to be involved.